Use of Phentermine does not cause abstinence syndrome


Experts: use of Phentermine does not cause abstinence syndrome

Phentermine is very similar to amphetamine by pharmacological action and structure. This fact caused concern about the fact that Phentermine has an ability to cause psychic dependence and provokes development of withdrawal syndrome.

As a result, use of this anorectic in the world clinical practice has decreased. Even despite the fact that there is no evidence that Phentermine cancellation causes abstinence, many people fear that this anorectic may cause harm to health.

Recent studies conducted by the American scientists have shown that long-term Phentermine therapy does not cause addiction to the anorectic. Even a drastic withdrawal of the drug does not cause an abstinence syndrome.

The scientists substantiated these conclusions by the fact that since Phentermine is similar to amphetamine, in this case symptoms of withdrawal and dependence should be similar to that of amphetamine.

It is established that after amphetamine cancellation, users experience withdrawal syndrome, which is expressed as:





However, as clinical studies show, users do not experience these withdrawal symptoms when using Phentermine and even in its abrupt withdrawal.

Mostly, when discontinuing Phentermine, patients complain of:


Low mood.

These symptoms are the body’s reaction to reducing the level of neurotransmitters – dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin in the central nervous system.

Since a person stops taking Phentermine, the neurotransmitter reuptake also stops. Exactly decrease in level of noradrenaline and serotonin in the CNS contributes to mood swings and loss of energy.

After a few days, neurotransmitters level usually normalizes and the person stops experiencing these symptoms.

As a rule, when conducting clinical trials of Phentermine, the main subject of study is effectiveness of this anorectic and weight loss results. PhentermineThe issue of detailed study of symptoms of withdrawal syndrome is given little attention.
Certainly, it would be wrong to say that the used dose and duration of Phentermine use do not affect incidence of side effects or likelihood of developing an abstinence syndrome.

Patients react differently to the same dose of the anorectic. To obtain appetite suppressing effect, it is sufficient 15 mg of Phentermine for some users, while higher doses can be required for others.

Studies have shown that use of Phentermine in recommended doses, even in long-term use, is well tolerated and does not contribute to development of withdrawal syndrome in its abrupt withdrawal.

Patients, who abruptly stop taking Phentermine, experience some discomfort and certain symptoms. However, it is unlikely to be accurate to call these conditions abstinence syndrome, since they go away quickly and do not bring physical suffering to the patient.