T-Tapp, exercise, weight loss with T-Tapp

T-Tapp is considered to prove its effectiveness in the practical fighting against overweight and by example of hundreds of American women.

And today, this program is getting popular worldwide, and this is fully reasonable considering incredible results which can be achieved with the well-chosen exercises.

T-Tapp: history

T-Tapp is an abbreviation of the name of Teresa Tapp, a founder of the rehabilitative, hormone-balancing approach to fitness and a long-term an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor.

Teresa says: “Yes, you can!” And she confirms it by the effectiveness of her weight loss program. Imagine if you could drop a dress size in just one week without exhausting hard training and diets!

  • It seems incredible, but T-Tapp allows to achieve the result, so this system is good not only for long-term use, but also for fast losing weight, when you need to get into a favorite dress or jeans, so get them out of the closet. It’s time.

Before creation of T-Tapp personal program, discussed in many books, Theresa prepared catwalk models.

Before important shows, the models have to look great, so the training had to be the most effective.

By coaching the body, mind and soul, Teresa turned out success stories. So Theresa was motivated to develop the program for fast weight loss, and subsequently T-Tapp.

The main principle of the training program – focus upon volume rather than weight! The latter goes away a lot longer, but you can smooth the cellulite, tighten the shape. So having lost 2-4 cm, the weight can be the same.

To achieve high results of its weight-loss program, Teresa developed a special posture and motions.

T-Tapp training

To perform all the exercises in the T-Tapp program, it is important to learn the basic posture specially designed for more efficient muscle work. In order to take the correct position, stand up straight, feet hip width apart.

Then sit down, knees bent, tailbone tucked, to make a smooth line of your back. Fixing the position, pinch the shoulder blades. Thus the knees look slightly outward. In this position, you


should not feel discomfort. In fact, it is a natural state and does not stressful for the knees and spine, but allows to make proposed exercises correctly for muscle working and fat burning.

  • Also, Teresa recommends to stay in this position and hold it daily for one minute to practice posture, prevent and treat back diseases associated with fatigue, tension, overexertion.

Some T-Tapp exercises can be performed while sitting, for example, for arms.

You can do it whenever you want while sitting during work or travel. But you have to learn how to sit correctly.

Fix your natural position on a chair – back straight, you hold the posture, feet flat on the floor relaxed, so the knees slightly outward.

It should be noted that T-Tapp is intended for untrained, so if you are a professional involved into long-term activity, your muscles are adapted for exercises, and the desired result would be hardly achieved, though this system still can be used as restoration.

Another situation is for untrained people, if you did not go to gym for a long – your muscles actively respond to the load.

Some precautions should be considered. T-Tapp is not recommend to pregnant.
Doing exercises, do not rush and try to correctly perform each movement, following all recommendations, then you will be able to achieve high efficiency.

Slimming with T-Tapp

T-Tapp is a great way to lose weight due to several important reasons:

• minimal load on the joints, spine, protecting you from unpleasant pain and tension;
• easy for those without any experience of physical exercises;
• quick visible results;
• deep effect of exercise – not only the main muscle groups worked out, but small deep muscles as well;
• normalization of metabolism, blood circulation;
• prevention of sagging skin during fast weight loss;
• effective fight against cellulite;
• helps to improve the shape, even to mothers with saggy belly, lost breast size.

To make exercise effective, only two main rules should be observed:

• correctness of each exercise;
• regular exercises.

Let’s learn several basic exercises for T-Tapp shape correction.


1. Building the butt. In the basic position, the hands flat spread to the sides, all fingers and thumb together and straight. Raise the right leg. Try to keep the knee to chest level. Then lower it down on the floor and to the side. The body weight is on the left leg. Keep constant tension on your leg muscles. Do it for one minute on each side. This exercise affects the hips, butt, thigh and helps burning fat.

2. Beautiful arms. Standing in the initial position, spread your hands to the sides at shoulder level, palms facing up. all fingers and thumb together and straight. Slowly bend your arms, touching your shoulder with fingertips. Important! Keep elbows at the same level. Then return your hands on start position. Repeat 4-8 times. Despite the simplicity of execution, this exercise is important – this is T-Tapp: do simple but effective.

3. Flat stomach. Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Hold your back and pinch the shoulder blades. Pull your legs to the chest, keeping your abs and butt braced and then slowly lower your legs down. Touch the floor with heels and pull your legs to the chest. Repeat the exercise ten times. Relax for ten seconds and do the whole cycle again.

T-Tapp exercises should last for 15 minutes a day or for half an hour every 2 days.

Choose the group of muscles you train, depending on your needs.