Skipping rope against obesity

A jump rope seems useless however it provides an excellent opportunity to fall back into childhood. This tool is perfect for exercises. In addition, it is easy to take it into a travel bag anywhere on vacations or weekend trips and you can use it just about.

Rope exercises, even simplest (in fact sometimes they are very complicated), are a high-intensity metabolic training that helps get rid of overweight and get in shape fast.

You can burn calories without going to the gym spending hours, even more than in jogging.

Exercises with a jumping rope are energy consuming, comparable to running.

Choose a convenient rope

To determine the suitable length for you, stand on the center of the cord, feet together.
The handle tips should reach your armpits. Try jumping over the rope, it should just brush the floor.

The rope is definitely too short for you, if the cord doesn’t touch the floor beneath your feet. And the rope is too long, if the cord hits the floor in front of you.

Also consider how high you hold your arms turning the rope with your wrist.

Choose A Convenient Rope

Jumping technique

If you have forgotten how to jump with a rope, it can be humbling.

  • Learn again but now think over, it demands and builds coordination.
  • Put your feet shoulder width apart, take handle tips in your hands and step over the rope.

You should practice foot and arm movements separately. Start with the rope behind your feet and your hands together in front.

Slightly bend your legs, keeping your body strong and straight and stretching your arms in front – the rope is looped around you.

Begin to spin the rope using your wrists in a circular motion only, no elbows, forearms or shoulder to be used. Jump softly, not high, not fast, not on the heels.

Optimal exercises with a skipping rope

These exercises are recommended four to five times a week:

Warming up. Jump over the rope with both feet, swinging the rope forward. This is a basic jump. Jump for one minute

Optimal exercises with a skipping rope

FORWARD JUMP. Reps: for 60 sec.
Then alternate jumping, such as marching, and jump for longer periods. You’ll probably be bored just jump for 10 minutes. Rather, use rope-jumping intervals, initially 50 repetitions, in a program combining aerobic and strengthening.

SIDE-TO-SIDE JUMP. Reps: for 60 sec.
Swinging the rope, jump a few inches to your left. Then to your right.

BACKWARD JUMP. Reps: for 60 sec.
Jump swinging the rope backward for each jump.

SINGLE-LEG JUMP-LEFT. Reps: for 60 sec.
Jump on one foot; land softly, not high.

SINGLE-LEG JUMP-RIGHT. Reps: for 60 sec.
Jump on the other foot softly.
Slowing the rope and adding extra jumps reduces the workout intensity.

When jumping is not allowed

Jumping with a rope is categorically not suitable for those suffer from obesity or varicose veins, the spine or joints problems. Jumping may harm your health due to the load on the spine and joints.