English diet: lose 10-15 kg in 21 days. Get ready for beach

English diet. 21 days – and you are ready for the beach season

This weight loss diet lasts 3 weeks, and you can shed 10-15 kg while keeping to it. Even though you might find this diet a bit harsh, it does provide the promised results.

Just to make it clear and understandable, all days of the diet are coupled in two:

  • two days on milk,
  • two days on fruits,
  • two days on protein,
  • two days on vegetables.

Days On Milk

The diet suggests we start losing weight from two dairy days:

For breakfast, have 200 ml of yogurt or milk and a slice of brown bread (consume bread in moderation).
At 12:00, have 200 ml of milk.
At 15:00, pamper yourself with a tube of yogurt and a piece of brown bread.
At 18:00, forget about the English tea and have 200 ml of milk.
Two hours before you go to bed, quench your thirst with 200 ml of tomato juice.

Days On Milk

Days On Fruits And Vegetables

The menu you have to comply with while you have days on fruits and vegetables implies the consumption of the following set of products:

For breakfast – 2 medium-sized apples or 2 oranges, a slice of brown or grain bread.

At 12:00, a salad of fresh vegetables (of course, no mayonnaise dressings or sauces), a serving of vegetable soup (no potatoes included), or vegetable ragout, add a slice of brown bread.
At 15:00, have 200 ml of milk or a tube of yogurt.

Days On Fruits And Vegetables

At 19:00, have a salad of green vegetable and greens (of course, no mayonnaise dressings or sauces), a slice of brown bread, 200 ml of tea with honey.

If you feel that the forces begin to leave you, then at lunch on the vegetable day you can afford having 150-200 grams of pasta without butter or one large potato in its skin.

Days On Protein

Breakfast: 200 ml of coffee (no sugar, but with milk), a slice of brown or grain bread, 5 grams of honey and 5 grams of butter.
At 12:00, serve yourself with a serving of fish or meat broth (as you prefer), a piece of non-fat boiled fish or meat, or chicken (about 200 grams), a slice of brown bread and 2 tbsp. of green peas.

Days On Protein

At 15:00, have a tube of yogurt or 200 ml of milk. You are also allowed to have a cup of tea with 5 grams of honey.
At 19:00: a piece of chicken or fish (not large) or 2 boiled eggs. You are also allowed to have 50 grams of cheese, a slice of brown bread, some lean ham, a tube of yogurt or 200 ml of milk.

How To Alternate The Days

At the next stage of this weight loss diet, you have to shuffle between “protein” and “vegetable” days. For example: 2 “protein” – 1 “vegetable”, or 1 “vegetable” – 1 “protein”, etc.

It is advisable to observe the same meal time every day. Dinner should not be later than seven in the evening. If you do not have time to have dinner before that, then drink a glass of tomato juice and give up dinner at all.

In the very end of this diet for weight loss, you will have the last 21st day. This day will be the “dairy” day.

To avoid fast regain of all the kilograms you lost, you should gradually include usual products in your nutrition, and still try to avoid mayonnaise and too many high-calorie foods. It is recommended to add 200 grams of fat-free cottage cheese to your nutrition within 10 days after the end of the diet.

While following this weight loss method, you are not allowed to use such additives, as:

  • sugar (in all its forms, except honey and fresh fruits),
  • salt,
  • mayonnaise,
  • ketchup,
  • carbonated drinks,
  • lemonades,

Food And Drink

  • alcohol, especially strong (not more than one glass of dry wine is allowed for the entire duration of the diet).

To maintain the balance of the body, take a multivitamins. Ask your doctor what vitamins you should take and whether this slimming diet suits you.