Duration of Phentermine use

Today Phentermine is a true blockbuster among all anorectic drugs or appetite suppressants in the UK. However, Phentermine is approved only for short-term use, so unfortunately this drug cannot become a real panacea that will solve all obesity problems.

In general, duration of Phentermine use is limited by 12 weeks. Onset of peak of Phentermine anorexigenic action is observed during the first week of treatment. In subsequent few weeks, this effect persists and then begins to decrease gradually.

Within 12 weeks of using Phentermine, not everyone can achieve a perfect body weight. However, along with Phentermine, one can really reach a biologically acceptable body weight, and this is confirmed both by clinical tests and by consumers’ reviews.

If we talk only about treatment of overweight, you will be able to achieve your goal and get a healthy weight using Phentermine.
When it comes to treatment of obesity, you will be able to get rid of unhealthy level of body mass using Phentermine.

A good news is that the recommended duration of Phentermine use can be increased in some cases. However, if you cannot get rid of 5% of your initial body weight within 3 months, stop using diet pills Phentermine.

The duration of obesity treatment with Phentermine can be increased if stable weight loss results are maintained. As long as you lose extra weight, you can take Phentermine even if more than 12 weeks are passed.

It should be noted that if anorectic effect of Phentermine drug is reduced over time, do not exceed the maximum daily dose. Intake of more than one Phentermine 37.5mg diet pill within 24 hours does not increase the treatment effectiveness and may cause adverse reactions.

If side effects occur, the duration of Phentermine therapy can be limited to a few weeks. Therefore, follow recommendations on Phentermine use, make every effort to obtain an optimal balance of physical activity and diet, and you will get rid of the hated fat.