How to observe the detox diet? 12 tips

So, you decided to clean your body using a detox diet? The following guidelines will help you achieve the desired result – to cleanse your body from toxins and lose weight.

Yet, you shouldn’t forget that the main goal of detox is cleansing the body, while as the weight loss happens by itself, if you comply with every advice below.

How to observe a detox diet?

1. Be sure to drink a glass water (room temperature) with a slice of lemon every morning, before you eat anything.

2. In addition to water, you are allowed to drink only tea. Avoid coffee-containing and alcohol drinks.

3. During a detox, give up foods that are rich in fat, spices, carbs and sugar.

4. If you keep to a 10-day detox diet, avoid any salt in the first three days of it. Then, try to add a minimum amount of salt to your dishes.

5. Build your diet on a balanced products composition:

  • vegetables,
  • fruits,
  • herbs,
  • wheat germ,
  • asparagus. 

Nutritionists recommend to not use mono-diets that include only buckwheat or rice, since your body can lose valuable vitamins and minerals during such diets.

6. If you are going to stick to a detox diet for longer than 1 week, once in 7 days you should complement your diet with:

  • fish,
  • poultry,
  • goat cheese.

7. It is recommended to have a fruit 20-30 minutes before a main meal.

8. Eat every three hours in small portions. The last meal should be no later than eight o’clock in the evening.

9. Vegetables are recommended to be consumed:

  • raw,
  • steamed,
  • boiled.

10. Drink a glass of warm water or green tea 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after a meal.

11. Getting on a detox diet is better in the 1st menstrual cycle phase. The 3rd and the 5th days are perfect time, since your body retains fluid during the 2nd phase, and you might not get the expected effect from the diet.

12. During the diet, you can practice yoga or stretching, and not fitness, not to overload your body with heavy physical exertion.