Chef of Claudia Schiffer : weight loss is simple. 10 tips

Eat, pray, love: 10 simple and useful habits from the chef of Claudia Schiffer

To look and feel great, it’s enough to form in yourself 10 simple and useful habits, says chef of Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Prince William and Harry, the author of cookbooks and the presenter of culinary shows, the British Sophie Michelle.

Eat Consciously

Consciously approach the choice of food. It is very difficult, because we are surrounded by a huge amount of products. Do not wait for the onset of an acute hunger, learn to recognize it at the time of inception and satisfy the needs of your body in a timely manner.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Due to the high workload, we spend less and less time on sleep. If you fall asleep and wake up at the same time, it will be easier for you to maintain a good physical shape.

A nutritious breakfast will aid the morning awakening.


Granola with spelt or scrambled eggs with whole-grain bread and avocado make up a balanced breakfast that energizes for the whole day. If you have no time to cook, buy a green smoothie with a superfood and drink it on your way to work.

Cereals And Legumes

Add legumes and cereals to your weight loss diet. Spelt contains a lot of protein (27% to 37%) and is an excellent alternative to meat. At least one meal per day should consist of cereals and legumes.

Healthy Fast Food

Keep in the refrigerator pre-cooked meals that can be combined with fresh vegetables and fruits. When there is no time to cook, I stock up French le puy lentils and quinoa and add fresh or baked vegetables.

Correct Snacks

Keep snacks full of protein at hand. During the day, I snack with:

  • nuts
  • homemade granola
  • cheese
  • ham.

Correct Snacks

Useful Apps

It’s very difficult to find time for yourself, when you have to juggle with work and personal life. To keep up, use the help of applications to increase productivity. This will help you remember everything you need.

Move More

The job of a chef is very active. Most of the time, I spend in the kitchen. I’m testing new recipes or work with my team, so I’m always on the move. An application in your smartphone can help you ensure that you do a minimum of 1000 steps every day.

When you have time, go to the gym or go for a walk with the dog. It helps to clear your mind.

Drink More Wather

When our body is dehydrated, we quickly get tired, and our skin looks terrible.

Always keep a bottle of water at hand to stay toned.
For a change, you can add to your water:

  • a slice of lemon or lime
  • mint
  • fresh or frozen berries.

Drink More Wather

Pamper Yourself

To avoid caving in, pamper yourself from time to time:

  • manicure
  • hair cut
  • relaxing massage
  • shopping.

These will definitely benefit both your soul and body.


I am the chef in two restaurants, and finding time to meet friends and family is extremely difficult, but I still put it on the forefront. To do your job well, you need to rest from it sometimes.