Blake Lively told about the postnatal diet

Blake Lively

Waiting for the birth of her second child, Blake Lively is one of those lucky ones, who can boast of a chic figure even within a record time after delivering a child. And despite the fact that the actress is against the unrealistic ideas, imposed by society about how a woman’s body should look when she just given birth to a child, Lively realizes that her profession imposes highest demands to her, and compliance with them is a working necessity.

So, the shooting of the thriller “The Shallows” with Blake in the title role began only nine months after the actress gave birth to her daughter James. However, Lively started working on the movie in great shape, just as the scenario required. The star admits that her diet helped her a lot.

“I had to give up gluten and soy,” Blake said. “It seems that it is quite simple, but at some point you realize that soy is found almost everywhere! Even in the most useful food from the stores with organic products. The only way to avoid soy is to start eating whole, unprocessed foods.”

Lively Blake face

“In such nutrition, it is important to observe the balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fresh vegetables,” the actress continues. “So, in the end everything was not so scary at all. For example, I did not give up sugar. And ate sushi – just without soy sauce.” 

According to Blake, nine months of such a diet was just enough to get rid of excess weight. However, the actress didn’t limit herself to simply restricting her nutrition. She also trained under the supervision of the famous Hollywood trainer, Don Saladino.

“The result was amazing, I never looked so good,” recalls pregnant Blake. “Usually, when a woman gives birth to a child, she thinks that her body will never be the same again. In fact, it only gets better with due care.”