The best diet for beach season

Every woman begins to think about her figure with approach of beach season. So that you will certainly succeed in weight loss, the most new diets are compiled in this article.

The 3-1-2-1 Diet

Its author – is a Hollywood trainer and star of the American reality show “The Biggest Loser”, Dolvett Quince.

This is an uncomplicated idea – you eat properly for three days limiting consumption of high-calorie and harmful products, after you can allow yourself something delicious for one day, then again “obedience” for two days and “freedom” for one day. So, this diet schedule should last for three weeks. Does it sound tempting, doesn’t it?

Quince claims that this is not “yo-yo” dieting, but a balanced diet.

In his view, systematic reduction, then again increase in calorie intake contributes to high speed of metabolism that in turn leads to weight loss. The specialist makes an amendment: you should eat balanced food in so-called “proper” days.

In addition, effectiveness of this diet depends on what you allow yourself in the “freedom” days. Junk food, sweet and fat in unlimited quantities will negate efforts of the previous days of proper nutrition and will hardly lead to the set goal.

Although Dolvett Quince is right as a whole: absence of constant taboo in the menu helps not to feel slighted and guaranteed maintains a positive attitude in people losing weight.

The Girlfriend’s Diet

Did you watch all the series “Desperate Housewives” and you exactly know that female friendship exists?

Then this diet is for you! Its authors, editors of the serial are betting on the Mediterranean diet. They urge to lose weight together with girlfriends.

the mediterranean diet

This method is intended for four weeks. You gradually replace some products with another and reduce caloric intake, initially it makes 1400-1600 kcal per day.

  • Gather your girlfriends, make schedule of trainings at someone’s home or in a fitness club convenient for everyone, reach an agreement what dishes you will cook and keep food diaries.

Come up with common goals – basic and intermediate.

Let the one who will achieve a goal first, will get a nice prize or bonus. Is it impossible to organize your girlfriends? For example, go in the Sekta School of Ideal Body, they know about weight loss in groups firsthand.

The Skinny Gut Diet

After numerous studies, Brenda Watson, a TV presenter and certified nutrition expert concluded that successful weight loss largely depends on condition of our intestines.

It is known that, it contains a huge number of bacteria – good and not so good. Improper diet provokes growth of bad bacteria.

The Skinny Gut Diet

They, in turn, prevent to multiply the good ones that slows down digestion, causes overeating, cravings for certain high-calorie foods, resulting in weight gain.

The author claims that it is really to achieve an ideal weight and maintain it in the future by balancing the total number of bacteria in the gut.

To achieve a balance, Brand offers to follow three important rules for at least two weeks.

  • Include more useful fats in the menu. In particular, omega-3, it is also allow to avoid bloating. Useful fats are contained, for example, in coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds of chia. Harmful – mainly in vegetable oil and pork fat.
  • Make probiotics, non-starchy vegetables and unsweetened fruits one of the components of your diet. Remember: the more fiber you eat, the lower your appetite.
  • Protein – is the basis of nutrition. It should be in every meal – main and snack. Meat, eggs, fish, dairy, nuts and seeds – products on which the daily menu is based.

Let us be honest, Brenda Watson has opened nothing unique for us. However, she reminded once again what means to eat properly. Not only for two weeks, but always.

The Burn Diet

Last year, a Hollywood nutritionist Haylie Pomroy released a book “The Fast Metabolism Diet”, which has become a bestseller in the America. This year, Haylie presented a new hit about diet, which is called “The Burn”.

It is based on the key principles: to have breakfast within half an hour after waking up, to give up alcohol, refined sugar, wheat, corn, dairy products, caffeine, bananas and grapes, this method includes three different eating plans intended for three, five and ten days.

Just as Brenda Watson, Haylie believes that it is important to improve bowel activity for weight loss.

The three-day plan is recommended for those who suffer from permanent bags under the eyes, swelling in the hands and feet, dry skin (result of dehydration because of improper drinking regime), and excess weight mainly in the stomach area.

The five-day plan is suitable for those who regularly suffer from bloating, feeling of pain and discomfort in the stomach.

The Burn Diet

Problem areas are usually in the area of hips, abdomen and buttocks in such people.

Finally, ten-day plan is designed for people with hormonal imbalance. Does your hair fall out? Do you lose weight as quickly as gain it again? Do you have a bad mood and elevated blood cholesterol level? In such cases, ten days is the necessary minimum.

In addition to special diets, Haylie urges everyone do fitness. You can find out what products and dishes are permitted in this or that situation from the book!